A downloadable TTRPG

Dear Adventurer,

Once a week we sail. A dining table is our ship. Six-sided dice are our compass. Propelled by imagination, we journey to a magical world. A world where we can become powerful sorcerers, fearless warriors, and skillful rangers.  A world where we overcome dark monsters, outwit clever dragons, uncover legendary treasures and gain eternal glory. It's where we are the heroes, creating our own epic story in a realm of fantasy.

We present you with the rules we play by, crafted with great love to the game and everyone in mind; from complete beginners to experienced dungeoneers.

We hope you enjoy it.


Elements of Fantasy core rules 6 MB
Character Sheet 521 kB
"Anka" (sample character) 862 kB
"Gorak" (sample character) 757 kB
Elements of Fantasy core rules - toner friendly 6 MB


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Would you be willing to render a version without the heavy black border on every page, as a more printer-friendly option?


I added a new 'toner-friendly' PDF at the end of the list above. Hope this works better.

Thank you very much! :D

This looks great. I am having trouble printing it from Adobe Acrobat. Not sure why. Would it be possible for you to publish a printer friendly version without all the black trim? 


Hmm.. let me try and see if I can remove it.

There's a new 'toner-friendly' PDF now available for download.